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Welcome to the Bike Trax Page!

The Bike Trax program was established in the Summer of 2001 in response to increased bicycle thefts in the City of Fairfield. The Fairfield Police Department implemented the Bike Trax program to aid in the recovery of stolen bicycles. The program consists of a computerized database of bicycle serial numbers. The database will also include make and model, size and style, color, and owner's information.

Registration Process

Owners of bicycles are encouraged to register with the Fairfield Police Department. This registration is free of charge and only takes a few minutes to complete. Simply bring your family's bicycles to the Fairfield Police Department. Each bicycle, new or used, will be entered into the Bike Trax database. The Fairfield Police Department will also register scooters into the Bike Trax database.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if my bicycle is stolen?

A. If your bicycle is stolen, report the theft to the Fairfield Police Department. Whether or not your bicycle is registered, a report will be made. All bicycles recovered by the Fairfield Police Department will be checked with the Bike Trax database. If a registered bicycle is recovered the owner will be notified. If the bicycle is not registered and a report has been made officers will attempt to identify the owner. An owner having their bicycle registered has a greater possibility of having their bicycle recovered and quickly returned.

Q. What if I buy a new bicycle?

A. Simply come to the Fairfield Police Department to register your bicycle in the Bike Trax program.

Q. What if I buy/trade bicycles with another person?

A. If the bicycle in question is registered with the Bike Trax program, the Fairfield Police Department can verify if the bicycle was stolen. This would relieve the buyer of receiving stolen property. However, if the bicycle is stolen we will notify the rightful owner and initiate an investigation.

After acquiring the bicycle, you need to contact the Fairfield Police Department and register the bicycle with your information. The Bike Trax database will be updated acccordingly.

Q. What if I have a scooter instead of a bicycle?

A. The Fairfield Police Department will also enter scooters into the Bike Trax database. The registration of scooters is the same as bicycles.


The 2002 Bike Rodeo sponsored by State Farm Insurance - Phyllis Hilliard, Agent, University of Illinois Extension Office, Mongoose Bicycles, Pacific Cycle and the Fairfield Police Department was held at Fairfield Community High School on June 8th.  Approximately 75 participants received free items, registered their bikes, had their bicycles inspected/repaired, manuevered through a safety course and enjoyed refreshments.  Clinton Hays and Bailey Owens were the two winners of Mongoose bicycles donated by Pacific Cycle.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2003 Bike Rodeo.

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