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Bike Safety

Bike Safety


  • Wear a bike helmet at all times.  The most serious bike injuries are to the head.
  • Try to keep your bike in good shape.
  • Always let cars and people go first.
  • Slow down and check traffic at all corners.
  • Keep both hands on handlebars except when doing turn signals.
  • Walk across busy streets.
  • Stay off busy streets.
  • Don't ride double.
  • Don't hitch rides.
  • Never go in and out of traffic.
  • Never go between two cars.

Bike Safety


CHAIN  Keep snug, clean and lubricated
PEDALS  Lubricate bearings and spindle, replace worn treads
SPOKES  Keep tight, replace broken ones promptly
WHEELS  Should rotate smoothly, lubricate bearings, keep axle nuts tight
TIRES  Inflate to correct pressure, which is stamped on the sidewall of the tire
SIDE  REFLECTORS  Amber on front and red on rear, visible from 500 feet
HEADLIGHT   White light visible from 500 feet
HANDLEBARS/ GRIPS  Properly adjusted and tight
BELL/HORN  Be sure it works
SEAT  Properly adjusted and tight
FENDERS  Keep securely fastened
RED  REFLECTORS  Visible from 600 feet



Bicycle helmets are an essential element to bicycle safety.

Always strap on an approved safety helmet before you ride.

Helmets are an important safety device to protect your head and brain from injury.

Helmet Safety

All parts of the helmet work together to help prevent injury.

  • Every approved helmet contains a dense liner that absorbs most of the energy upon impact.
  • The straps and buckle keep the helmet secure during a crash.